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    TOS League Season 3 - World Cup A/B Team Qualifier!
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    TOS League Season 3 for 1000 Heroz on iOS
    It would seem as though the other clans are interested in the idea of the Team World Cup. Thusly, this season, and for as long as we have the Team World Cup going on, the TOS League seasons will also be a qualifier for this. Those that reach the semi-finals will be both in Group A for season 4 (tentatively set to start September 3rd... after the Team World Cup) and in the TOS A Team. Those who are relegated to Group B for season 4 will also be in the TOS B Team (which doesn't sound as cool as "A Team" for obvious reasons). The Team World Cup will begin on July 2nd.

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    Start: 30/4/2012
    End: 8/6/2012
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    All standings are based on points from head-to-head play. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. All ties for standings will be broken by total number of points in the season. In the event of a tie for score in a particular day, the winner shall be declared as the competitor with the lowest time in the match. This will be adjusted manually by the league administrator as the Group standings will still display a tie. It will stay as a tie if both competitors have the same time.
    Group A is comprised of those who were in the Semi-Finals last season. Group B is anyone who was not in the Semi-Finals. Each person will play everyone in their group 4 times. The top two in each group automatically qualifies for the playoffs. The person with the highest points who did not qualify is also in the playoffs. See the final stage brackets for details. Those in the Semi-Finals will be in Group A next season; those not, will be in Group B.
    Do NOT change your actual gamecenter name you've registered with at any time. You will be disqualified from the league for this season and next. Specifically prohibited: Changing to a competitor's name, changing to a competitor's clan, group, affliation, etc without prior approval specifically by the league commisioner. Other scenarios will be decided on a case by case basis. Basically, what you start the league with, you finish the league with.
    The Commissioner reserves the right to make scheduling changes in the best interest of the league (think NFL moving a game to Sunday night for ratings).

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    Prior Regular Season Champions
    Season 1: TheRobZ (only one group)
    Season 2: Group A - RookyJ / Group B - Eisegete
    Season 3: Group A - Eisegete / Group B - Nytmair
    Prior Playoff Champions
    Season 1: Nytmair
    Season 2: Eisegete

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    New York, New York, United States