This is a Friendly but competitive league among Mature MW3 Gaming Clans. It is a domination mode league. A match consists of a best of 3 games. The games are 6v6 with the first team getting to 200 points earning the win. Everything in game is allowed. Cheating will not ...
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Start: 17/9/2012
End: 29/10/2012

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    Tournament winner:

    Stimulus Package

    Final stage

    [KIOB] Stimulus Package
      0 – 3

      Competition setup

    • Number of participants 6
    • Competitors type Single participants
    • System Groups + playoff
    • Group stage

    • N. of groups 1
    • Round robin type Single round-robin
    • Points for W=2, D=0, L=1
    • Final stage

    • Qualified competitors 4
    • n° of matches
      Semi-finals single-leg tie
      Final single-leg tie