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    Hello TotalGaming,
    nice to meet you.

    We would like to play on deftime (20:00CET) on sunday the 2nd of march. We are propably able to host as well, but if you wanna do so, feel free to do that.

    paxmower_ • Feb. 26, 2014


    Hey eK,

    we have a little problem, for this specific sunday we have many players that can't be here.
    As we only have few members, we are absolutely unable to align a LU of 4 players.
    Maybe the only way for us to have 4 players would be to play saturday night and even then we probably can't have 4 players that are nicely trained.

    When we started the TMM, We never thought that we will be so many to be away at the same time and we are really sorry for that.
    Actually, we don't know if it's better to play "no train" or rather to don't play at all.

    Once again we are really sorry for the inconvenience.
    We hope you will understand our problem and we let you decide which you prefer.

    Best Regards.

    SkoonZor • Feb. 28, 2014


    that's a pity.
    I am undecided what we can do for your right now in this situation. We actually do not wanna claim a default win. But on the other side we are not sure, if its worth to play a match otherwise.

    Would it help you, if we can find another date next week from monday to friday? I could at least ask my team if thats possible for us. And how about a 3on3 on sunday? I couldnt found any rule which does forbid to play 3on3.

    If both possiblities doesnt fit you, i will ask my mates to play tomorrow evening 20:00CET.

    so please try to answer as soon as possible.
    best regards

    paxmower_ • Feb. 28, 2014

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    Yo eK,
    As you have an important match next week, I think it will not be fair from us to play next week.
    So I think the best will be to play tomorrow Sunday at 20:00CET.
    But we will only have 3 players. So if a 3on3 is possible, it's ok for us but otherwise if it has to be a default win, no problem we understand that.

    Schoumy • March 1, 2014


    well, alright.
    20:00 then. 3on3 will not be a problem for us, so lets just have a fair match then. I will post the serverdetails tomorrow before the match.

    p.s.: there was no need to bother playing next week for you. i offered this option, cause it would be fine for us. ;) playing a small match in between doesnt cause any problems at least in this situation

    paxmower_ • March 1, 2014

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    Hi guys,
    As a member of DrakoniaTV, I wanted to know if we could stream your match tomorrow.
    The stream would be in french on DrakoniaTV ( or, depending on the schedule) and will be commented by Mali and myself.
    So the match is set on Sunday 8pm CET?

    You can contact me by e-mail or at skype [bobochlebarbu.] if you want any further information.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Boboch • March 2, 2014


    Hey guys,
    you'll find our server if you search for "ek_". it is called "eK. TECH2".
    The password will be "match". I'll change the password 5 minutes before the match starts.

    I actually don't know why you wanna stream this match today, but if you wanna do so, feel free. We don't care. (and yes, it is scheduled today 20:00CET/8:00pm)

    cu later. gl hf

    paxmower_ • March 2, 2014

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    Hi Boboch,
    Thank you for you interest to stream our match.
    The match is set on Sunday 20:00CET but I think you have to know that our team will not be nicely trained for this match so it will not be a good match to stream in my opinion.
    Best Regards

    Schoumy • March 2, 2014


    TMM- Softcore eK 7-0 toga
    TMM- Optimus eK 7-2 toga
    TMM- Dare you eK 7-1 toga

    thanks for the match and good luck for the future.

    paxmower_ • March 2, 2014


    Thanks... Good luck!

    SkoonZor • March 2, 2014

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