The KGB Premier League, often referred to as the Champions Premier League or the CPL internationally, is the top level of the PES football league system. Contested by 8 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Champions Football League (CFL). Previous season's champion was Real ...
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Start: 26/7/2020

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    3 round
    Chelsea (Victor) Ajax (Roi⭑)
      3 – 2
    AS Monaco (Yanuar⭑) Napoli (Andy⭑)
      3 – 2
    Lazio (Herlim⭒) AC Milan (Johan)
      2 – 0
    Inter Milan (Sonny) Atletico Madrid (Dicky)
    4 round
    AS Monaco (Yanuar⭑) Chelsea (Victor)
    AC Milan (Johan) Ajax (Roi⭑)
    Napoli (Andy⭑) Inter Milan (Sonny)
    Atletico Madrid (Dicky) Lazio (Herlim⭒)
    Tables Pts
    1 Lazio (Herlim⭒) 9
    2 AS Monaco (Yanuar⭑) 9
    3 Chelsea (Victor) 6
    4 Inter Milan (Sonny) 4
    5 Napoli (Andy⭑) 3
    6 Ajax (Roi⭑) 1
    7 Atletico Madrid (Dicky) 0
    8 AC Milan (Johan) 0

      Competition setup

    • Number of participants 8
    • Competitors type Single participants
    • System Round robin
    • Round robin type Double round-robin
    • Points for W=3, D=1, L=0
    • Number of rounds 14