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    1 round
    Robbie Clark (Red Car Ave) Oliver Chenkin (Lapwing Lane)
    Maddie Buxton (Red Car Ave) Rachel Field (Red Car Ave)
    Michael Priest (Lapwing Lane) Ethan Lester (Lapwing Lane)
    Henry Way (Brocklebank Road) Molly Miller (Meltham Ave)
    Standings Pts
    1 Michael Priest (Lapwing Lane) 0
    2 Ethan Lester (Lapwing Lane) 0
    3 Molly Miller (Meltham Ave) 0
    4 Rachel Field (Red Car Ave) 0
    5 Oliver Chenkin (Lapwing Lane) 0
    6 Henry Way (Brocklebank Road) 0
    7 Robbie Clark (Red Car Ave) 0
    8 Maddie Buxton (Red Car Ave) 0

      Competition setup

    • Number of participants 8
    • Competitors type Single participants
    • System Round robin
    • Round robin type Single round-robin
    • N° of sets per match best of 3
    • Points for W=2, D=0, L=0
    • Number of rounds 7