Dear Cocktail Lovers, Dear Kicker Fans, Dear After Work Party Animals! Join our very special event combination! Together with Magnus' amazing cocktails and DJ Frodo's tripping beats, we're going to have Netlight's first official Kicker tournament! Challenge your beloved colleagues in the tournament or party with your favorite drinks! No ...
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    Group A

    1 round
    AE1 AE3
      10 – 7
    AE4 AE2
      3 – 10
    2 round
    AE4 AE1
    AE2 AE3
    Tables Pts
    3 AE3 0
    4 AE4 0

    Group B

    1 round
    AE7 AE5
    AE8 AE6
    Tables Pts
    3 AE7 0
    4 AE8 0

      Competition setup

    • Number of participants 8
    • Competitors type Double
    • System Groups + playoff
    • Group stage

    • N. of groups 2
    • Round robin type Single round-robin
    • Points for W=3, D=1, L=0
    • Final stage

    • Qualified couples 4
    • n° of matches
      Semi-finals single-leg tie
      Final single-leg tie