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  • Name

    Weir Veteran Football League (WVFL) 2018/19
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  • Description

    Weir Veteran Football League (WVFL). The No. 1 expatriate and local community veteran league in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, there are over 500 players registered to the league and majority of which are expatriates

  • Period

    Start: 22/9/2018
    End: 30/6/2019
  • Venues

    Desa Park City
    3K Subang Jaya
    HELP International School

  • Rules

    1. Teams, League Committee Composition and Appointment of Officials

    1.1 There will be a maximum of 12 teams in the league for the 2018/19 season.

    1.2 The league committee will comprise of one member from each team of the WVFL league. Only one member per team may attend and vote at a Committee meeting. In the event of a tied vote the President/Chairman’s vote will be the deciding vote.

    1.3 President/Chairman – This position is to be rotated each year until each team has been represented once after which the rotation will begin again. The position is to be drawn by lot’s one year in advance.

    1.4 Secretary & Treasurer – To be appointed/reappointed on an annual basis, this will be before the start of each new season.

    1.5 The Disciplinary Committee which is made up of 5 members as follows: WVFL Chairman, WVFL Secretary, WVFL Treasurer & Linatex sports club Chairman and two other Committee members. Where practical all members of the disciplinary committee will have no involvement or interest in the incident or outcome of the action to be taken.

    2. Committee Meetings

    2.1 A quorum to change, adjust or amend any rules or regulations will be 7 committee members, one from each team.

    2.2 The meeting will be held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 8pm.
    Any committee member unable to attend a particular meeting may send an appointed representative who must be a team member by notifying the committee in advance

    2.4 If a member team is not represented for any committee meeting, it loses its right to vote on any matter decided at that meeting and will accumulate 1 mark for non-attendance.

    2.5 The representative sent by each team is deemed authorized to speak on behalf of his team and vote where necessary.

    3. Grievance procedure

    If any player/team has a grievance/matter it wishes to raise or to have considered, it should be brought forward by the teams committee member and be discussed at the next available committee meeting. Prior notice should be given and the matter is to be included into the agenda for the meeting.

    4. Entrance fees

    4.1 Entrance fee for a team’s 1st season will be RM 1500 per team.

    4.2 Fees for subsequent seasons and for the existing teams will be as decided by the Committee prior to the season in question. For 2018/19 season this will be RM 1000 for existing teams.

    4.3 All payment for entrance fees made is not refundable

    5. Match time

    5.1 Each game will consist of three 3rds of 27 minutes (3 minutes break in between)

    5.2 Match results stand when 2/3 of the game has been played. This will be at or after
    54 mins or 2/3 of the game.

    6. Basis of League Tables Positioning.
    In the event of 2 or more teams tying on points for 1st place at the end of the league season, positions will be decided on the head to head results between those tied teams. 1st criteria will be based on points gained between the tied teams should there still be a tie then 2nd criteria will be goal difference between the teams. After which the position will be decided in line with EPL rules for determining league position’s. This rule will determine the league champions (1st) position only.

    All other league positions will be determined in line with the EPL rules and regulations for determining league positions.

    7 Age Rules

    7.1 All Players, excluding goalkeeper, must be 31 years old and above.

    7.2 At all times during a match 3 (Three) players aged 40 and above must be on the
    Pitch. (Excluding GK) Should a team not have 3 players aged 40 available then the team must play with the following number of players during the game:
    - 3 Players conforming with the age requirement = 11
    - 2 Players conforming with the age requirement = 10
    - 1 Players conforming with the age requirement = 9
    - 0 Players conforming with the age requirement = 8

    7.3 For the season beginning 2018/19, no under 31’s will be allowed to play in the League and for the season beginning 2019/2020, no under 32’s will be allowed to play in the League. Over 40’s rule will be as above in point 7.2

    7.4 Goalkeepers can be any age and are excluded from the age rules in 7.2, 7.3 and

    7.5 Age will determined by the player’s age as follows;
    - Players born on or before 1978 will be deemed to be 40
    - Players born on or before 1987 will be deemed to be 31 unless the player has
    played in the league for two years and was born on or before 1988. (Please note:
    the two years in the league must have preceded the agreement of this final
    statement. Statement agreed for start of 2017/18 season, so players born 1988
    must have been registered in the league and played in 2015/16 and 2016/17.)

    7.6 Armbands must be worn at all times by players aged above 40’s

    8. Registration of players

    8.1 Every team must submit their squad of players with copies of their Malaysian ID’s or Passport (New Players) by the date decided by the Committee this date will be no later than one week before the league commences. Should a player be registered by their team and an ID not submitted by the deadline, the player will be allowed to play as long as their ID has been submitted to the committee before the match is played.

    8.2 Students below the age of 35 will no longer be allowed to sign for the League,

    8.3 Only players with Valid Visa or Working Visa or PR or Malaysia Citizen are
    allowed to sign for the league

    8.4 No players who have played professional in the last 5 years will be able to sign
    for the League

    8.5 Only ex professionals who have been retired for 5 years, or who are over the age
    of 35 will be allowed to register.

    8.6 Registration of players can occur any time other than the last 2 months of the season. However such registration must be done formally to the committee on the approved form and approved during the monthly committee meeting BEFORE the player can play. For the 2018/19 season the last opportunity to register new players will be at the February 2019

    8.7 A player can only transfer to another member team ONCE during the season.
    The transfer window dates will follow the same dates as for the registration of players. 5 days notice must be given and the transfer must be approved by both teams involved and presented at the next available committee meeting.

    8.8 Passports & IC’s will be checked at the start of the season and verified on production of documents for correct DOB etc. Players who play but don’t produce their passports will be noted and must produce a valid Passport/IC before season 2018/19 kick off or all previous results featuring the player will be overturned.

    8.9 Any team fielding an ineligible player will deem to have forfeited the game(s) by three goals to nil to the opposition. It is the responsibility of each individual team to ensure and confirm that all players in their match day squad are registered and that during the game that the age requirements as stated in rule 7 are complied with at all times.

    Ineligible Players are deemed to be:
    - Players not registered with the League
    - Fielding a player not meeting the minimum age requirement of 30
    - Fielding a player under 40 and playing as one of the 3 allowable 40+ aged players.

    Note - Should a team fielding an ineligible player, lose by 3 or more than 3 goals than the original result will stand.

    8.10 Any Players to be found submitting Invalid / fraudulent / Physically Changed Passports will be banned from the league the current season they are caught cheating and two extra seasons. The player will only be invited back into the League after a written apology to the League Committee.

    1 point will be deducted from league table at beginning of the season if the team submitting the above inaccurate information or docs to committee, however teams can refer suspect cases to the committee for checking prior to submission

    8.11 At any one time a member team may only have a maximum number of 40 registered players in their squad. However squad players can be added as long as an equal number of players are removed from the teams registered player list. This if the team has reached the maximum of 40 allowed registered player’s.

    9. Inability to Fulfill Fixtures & Walkover policy

    9.1 Any team must have a minimum of 8 players on the pitch at the start of the match,
    otherwise it is deemed a walkover to the opponent.

    9.2 A team is given a maximum grace period of 15 minutes from the allotted kick of
    time to start the game with a minimum of 8 players

    9.3 A minimum of 10 days notice must be given to postpone a game.
    The postponement is subject to committee approval and only two (2) postponements per team are allowed during a season. Subsequent postponements will be receive a walkover penalty as stated above.

    9.4 Any team cancelling a game and failing to comply with rule 9.1 will be required to pay for any costs due for the pitch and the referees.
    Any costs will be waived If the committee or other teams are able to rearrange a friendly in place of the cancelled fixture.

    9.5 The penalty for giving away a walkover will be as follows:
    If game walkover 3 points & 3 goals awarded to opponent and no replay. Total pitch and referee cost for walkover game to be absorb by looser

    10. Disciplinary policy

    10.1 Red card penalties are :
    • For fighting, threat of violence or dangerous tackles. A fine of RM 100 per card and a ban for 5 games.
    • An appeal for a 5 game ban can be made to the disciplinary committee. Until a decision is made, the referee’s report is final

    • For a professional foul resulting in a straight red card. A fine of RM50 and a ban for 2 games.

    • 2 yellow cards result in a red. A fine of RM40 and a ban for 1 games

    • 3 red cards accumulated = banned for season

    10.2 Yellow card penalties are :
    • Receiving 2 yellow cards in same match resulting in a sending off . RM 20 per card and a ban for next game
    • For the accumulation of 4 yellow cards during the season a 1 game ban following which the points total will be reset. Each player will start each new season with a no yellow cards carried forward from previous seasons i.e. zero deemed yellow cards.

    The referee decision is ultimately the final one in the awarding of the above penalties. All fines to be paid on a monthly basis at the committee meetings.

    10.3 Player Misconduct

    Any player misconduct (on/off pitch) can be reported to the disciplinary committee who will look into the matter on a case by case basis (such examples would include abuse to referees, players excessive swearing, use of incorrect communication channels or failure to adhere to Weir Sports Club and WVFL rules and regulations.

    A fine or ban may be given to the player in the event of such player found guilty of such misconduct. This is in line with both the Weir company values and that of our social football league.

    11. Fixtures

    11.1 Fixture breaks will be during major festivals agreed by committee, for 2018/19
    Deepavali, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year & Hari Raya.

    11.2 During the monsoon season the committee will decide if to bring forward games to an earlier kick off time if several games become rained off.

    12. Shin pads
    It is compulsory for all players to wear shin pads. Referees will be instructed to ask players without shin pads to leave the pitch and they may only return to the field of play once the player has complied with this instruction to the satisfaction of the referee.

    13. Match Team Sheet
    After every match, it is compulsory for team managers to submit match team sheets to referee within 24 hrs, Failure to submit on time or inaccurate information submitted the penalty is 1 mark for each incident.
    5 marks accumulated = 1 point deducted from league table.

    14. Best player in a match voting
    After every match, a manager would state who the best player from the opposing team was in his opinion. This will decide player of the season come the end of the season. The vote will be stated on the team sheet.

    15. Group Fixture email
    Each member team can nominate members to receive fixture information from the group fixture email. In principle there are no restrictions to receiving this e-mail. However it is limited to communication on fixtures only.

    16. Committee email
    This email group is restricted to committee members only- 2 per team.

    17. Disclaimer
    Please note that the Committee is neither liable nor responsible for any treatment and medication or resulting consequences of playing in the WVFL and cannot be held accountable. All players play at their own risk.

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    WVFL Kuala LumpurWVFL Kuala Lumpur
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    Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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    Chairman - Dan Ebsworth (+60178703492)
    Secretary - Steve (+60127702654)
    Treasurer & Organizer - Jazmie (+60146387780)