Tournament information

  • Name

    ISL Football Tournament 2019
  • Web address
  • Description

    The tournament will take place at St. Martin’s College in Swatar from 19:00 till 22:00.

    At the end of the tournament, the winners will be presented with a trophy and a Eur70 Kitchen Concept Voucher. The runner-up will also be presented a runner-up trophy. A Top Scorer trophy will also be awarded.

  • Period

    Start: 13/11/2019
    End: 13/11/2019
  • Venues

    St. Martin's College, 5-a-side Pitch, Swatar

  • Rules

    - 2 players from each team need to be assigned as referees

    - All teams will play each other once in a league (round robin) format. Each match will be 20 minutes long. Substitutions can be made at any time.

    - Should two teams end up with the same points at the end of the tournament, a Decider/Final will be played to decide the winner.

    - Should more than 2 teams end up with the same points at the end of the tournament, the following factors come into effect which will decide which teams will play the Decider/Final:
    1. Direct encounters
    2. Goal Difference
    3. Goals Favour
    4. Goals Against

    - If ball hits ceiling netting, a kick-in is awarded to the other team.

    - No throw-ins, only kick-ins allowed

    - Goalkeeper cannot catch a back pass received from his own team-mate

    - No yellow/red cards, let's just be careful and have fun

  • Administrator

    Claude CarbonaroClaude Carbonaro
  • City

    Birkirkara, None, Malta
  • Contacts

    Claude Carbonaro - 79260679
    Chris Calleja Urry - 79995202