14 day

Sunday, 3 February 2013, 17:00

Naggers NaggersQuick Dumps Quick Dumps
0 – 3

Team stats

  Naggers Naggers   Quick Dumps Quick Dumps  
  Wins 1-4  
  Wins 5+  
  Loss 1-4  
  Loss 5+  

Player stats

Player T
Joshua GreensteinJosh Greenstein (Naggers)
Josh GreensteinJosh Greenstein (Greeny) (Naggers)
Zac  SELBYZac Selby (Naggers)
Daniel GreisDaniel Greis (Naggers)
Boaz SmithBoaz Smith (Naggers)
Al Koerber (Naggers)
Aidan Alexander (Naggers)
Chook Kleiner (Naggers)
Daniel Gogoski (Naggers)
Rael Shak (Naggers)
Shaun Janks (Naggers)
Player T
0 Steven LevyStevie Levy (Quick Dumps)
10 Marcus KosminMarcus Kosmin (Quick Dumps)
11 Adam KarrasAdam Karras (Quick Dumps)
17 Josh Gottlieb (Quick Dumps)
2 Dan Munitz (Quick Dumps)
23 Zac Rabin (Quick Dumps)
24 Sebastian KosminSeb Kosmin (Quick Dumps)
5 Greg Kahn (Quick Dumps)
8 James IsraelJames Israel (Quick Dumps)

    Simon Molnar

    Referee: Nathan Ryba

    Simon Molnar (Scorgasms) • Feb. 1, 2013

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