10 day

Sunday, 9 December 2012, 16:00

Naggers NaggersDickson Park Yolos Dickson Park Yolos
5 – 2

Team stats

  Naggers Naggers   Dickson Park Yolos Dickson Park Yolos  
  Wins 1-4  
  Wins 5+  
  Loss 1-4  
  Loss 5+  

Player stats

Player T
Joshua GreensteinJosh Greenstein (Naggers)
Josh GreensteinJosh Greenstein (Greeny) (Naggers)
Zac  SELBYZac Selby (Naggers)
Daniel GreisDaniel Greis (Naggers)
Boaz SmithBoaz Smith (Naggers)
Al Koerber (Naggers)
Aidan Alexander (Naggers)
Chook Kleiner (Naggers)
Daniel Gogoski (Naggers)
Rael Shak (Naggers)
Shaun Janks (Naggers)
Player T
Dan Shnier (Dickson Park Yolos)
Lachlan Sevrenty (Dickson Park Yolos)
Casey James Lane (Dickson Park Yolos)
Seb Russell (Dickson Park Yolos)
1 Michael Di VeroliMikey Di Veroli (Dickson Park Yolos)
12 Robbie Di Veroli (Dickson Park Yolos)
14 Paul Heron (Dickson Park Yolos)
18 Nathan Raber (Dickson Park Yolos)
2 Dan Da Lion (Dickson Park Yolos)
22 Shaun Murphy (Dickson Park Yolos)
31 Lewis Maher (Dickson Park Yolos)
4 alex segalAlex Segal (Dickson Park Yolos)
5 Frank Salmon (Dickson Park Yolos)
66 Todd Stephens (Dickson Park Yolos)
8 Alex Lagos (Dickson Park Yolos)
94 sammy myersSammy Myers (Dickson Park Yolos)
99 michael palmerMickey Palmer (Dickson Park Yolos)

    Simon Molnar

    Referee: Josh Gottlieb

    Simon Molnar (Scorgasms) • Dec. 9, 2012

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