7 day

Sunday, 18 November 2012, 16:00

The Whakatanes The WhakatanesKim Bong Il Kim Bong Il
2 – 2


Michael Puterflam (The Whakatanes) 1
Shaun Reichman (The Whakatanes) 1
Josh Hoffman (Kim Bong Il) 1
Tim Gonski (Kim Bong Il) 1

Team stats

  The Whakatanes The Whakatanes   Kim Bong Il Kim Bong Il  
  Wins 1-4  
  Wins 5+  
  Loss 1-4  
  Loss 5+  

Player stats

Player T
Daniel Kochan (The Whakatanes)
Adam HakimAdam Hakim (The Whakatanes)
Nathan Ryba (The Whakatanes)
1 Michael Puterflam (The Whakatanes) 1
10 Steve Barrett (The Whakatanes)
11 Shaun Reichman (The Whakatanes) 1
13 Stubbie Kramer (The Whakatanes)
4 Oren Shmailov (The Whakatanes)
5 Chaney KramerChanning Kramer (The Whakatanes)
6 Nathan bloomfieldNathan Bloomfield (The Whakatanes)
7 Paul Meltz (The Whakatanes)
9 Joel SolomonsJoel Solomons (The Whakatanes)
Player T
Aaron MullerAaron Muller (Kim Bong Il)
Jared BlumbergJared Blumberg (Kim Bong Il)
Daniel Cohn (Kim Bong Il)
Jamie Schey (Kim Bong Il)
Josh Hoffman (Kim Bong Il) 1
Brett Fivelman (Kim Bong Il)
Ricky GlezersonRicky Glezerson (Kim Bong Il)
Sam Morris (Kim Bong Il)
Damo Sidney (Kim Bong Il)
Tim Gonski (Kim Bong Il) 1

    Simon Molnar

    Referee: Josh Gottlieb

    Simon Molnar (Scorgasms) • Nov. 14, 2012

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