2 day

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Quick Dumps Quick Dumps Bye

forfeit Quick Dumps , Bye both lose by forfeit with the result:

Team stats

  Quick Dumps Quick Dumps   Bye  
  Wins 1-4  
  Wins 5+  
  Loss 1-4  
  Loss 5+  

Player stats

Player T
0 Steven LevyStevie Levy (Quick Dumps)
10 Marcus KosminMarcus Kosmin (Quick Dumps)
11 Adam KarrasAdam Karras (Quick Dumps)
17 Josh Gottlieb (Quick Dumps)
2 Dan Munitz (Quick Dumps)
23 Zac Rabin (Quick Dumps)
24 Sebastian KosminSeb Kosmin (Quick Dumps)
5 Greg Kahn (Quick Dumps)
8 James IsraelJames Israel (Quick Dumps)
Player T