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    Maccabi Touch Comp
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    The MACCABI TOUCH FOOTBALL CLUB is absolutely wrapped to be able to offer, for the first time, an organised social comp.

    The club will facilitate a social competition on a Sunday afternoon, starting in spring - catering perfectly for those looking for a sport in between winter and summer, and who want to play a form of touch without the intensity of weeknight competition.

    Good luck & enjoy!

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    End: 10/2/2013
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    Games are at Dangar Oval,151.2638&spn=0.003572,0.006673&z=18&vpsrc=6&iwloc=A&q=Dangar+Oval&cid=1081283275369085488

  • Rules

    - Byes will result in 2 competition points.
    - 6 People on the field per team at a time.
    - 5 tackles and a kick - you can only kick on the last 2 tackles of a set, or on the last play of a half. IMPORTANT - The person who kicks the ball cannot be the same person who scores, unless someone else has played at the ball first.
    - If you get caught in goal, you will be required to drop kick from your own goal line. You must give the opposition 5-10 seconds before you can drop kick though. If you catch the ball on the full in your in goal, it is a 15m restart.
    - Kick off is a drop kick from half way between your own try line and halfway; and if it bounces dead, the receiving team taps it from 10m out. If the ball bounces over the sideline, then the receiving team gets a tap from where it went out. You cannot regather off a kick off unless an opposition player has played at the ball.
    - Dummy half cannot get tapped and cannot score.
    - The referee's call (whether right or wrong) stands. Benefit of the doubt goes to the attacking team.
    The referee has a right to sin bin or send off players for back chat or foul play.
    - If your team does not have a uniform, you will be required to bring 2 different colours to each game so that you don't clash
    - You cannot regather off a kick off until the opposition team has played at the ball.

    Fill ins:
    - If the opposition does not approve a fill in, then the fill in cannot play.

    - Top 8 make the finals.
    - Finals System uses the same system as the nrl (See

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    Simon MolnarSimon Molnar
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    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia