2014 ESI US R&D Foosball World Cup. Our official song is "V. A. One (Ole, Ola)" by Pitbull and Jelo. Our official ball is "la corchica" (the little cork). Our official mascot is Shamu the killer whale. Our official beverages are Nespresso, Starbucks, Diet Coke, and Mountain Dew.
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Start: 12/6/2014
End: 30/6/2014

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    Tournament winner:

    Texas MAV

    Final stage

    Third place
    France LNE Taiwan INT
    Texas MAV California PCV

      Competition setup

    • Number of participants 8
    • Competitors type Single participants
    • System Groups + playoff
    • Group stage

    • N. of groups 2
    • Round robin type Single round-robin
    • Points for W=3, D=1, L=0
    • Final stage

    • Qualified competitors 4
    • n° of sets n° of matches
      Semi-finals 1 single-leg tie
      Final 1 single-leg tie