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    EADP Data 2015 FIFA League

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    Start: 27/10/2014
    End: 24/10/2014
  • Venues

    EADP Data In front of the TV!

  • Rules

    - Teams of 2
    - top 5 can not team with eachother (Mohamed, Sheng, Ze, Harun, Rohit)
    - replacement team members are fine
    - League + Playoff for top 4
    - Winner takes 3 points, on draw 1 point awarded to both teams
    - Games are 7 minutes – random weather
    - Unlimited practice matches as you wish between players
    - FIFA 15 only
    - At any game, you may pick any team (international and clubs, except all-star/classic teams). Both players picking the same team is allowed.
    - Cards and injuries do not carry over.
    - Players can play any future game early but has to wait until the round to start to reveal the score.
    - home/away randomly decided with the fixture. Left side Home, Right Side Away.
    - Any games not played until Monday 9AM in the previous round will be considered double forfeit.
    - Any player not show up to a scheduled game or late more than 15 mins without warning, will be considered forfeit from the game. One player no-show, the other side gets 3 points. If both no-show, everyone gets double forfeit.
    - You can pause the game once the ball goes out.
    - There will be 1 tiebreaker match with extra time and penalties if at the end of all games we have equal points to determine the 1st place.
    - Playoffs are 1 game with class overtime + penalties.

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    H YH Y
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    Redwood City, California, United States