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    End: 30/12/2015
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    Doubles Challenge Rules

    Doubles Challenge
    The AWA Doubles Challenge League, or Doubles Challenge, is a league created to provide competitive match play, as well as promote doubles skill development, good sportsmanship and most of all, for players to have fun in a friendly competitive environment.

    Players are divided into two divisions: Intermediate and Advanced. Players are assigned to a division according to their rating and previous competitive experience, subject to the discretion of the Tennis Committee.

    Each doubles pair plays a match best of 3 (three) sets. A tiebreak game is played in all sets at the game score 6-6, including the third set.

    Doubles Challenge Rules
    Matches played in Doubles Challenge are un-officiated matches governed by:
    Doubles Challenge rules, outlined in this document,
    International Tennis Federation rules (ITF), found online at (Rules of Tennis),
    The Code, found online at (Rules/officials, The Code).
    The Doubles Challenge rules supersede ITF rules and The Code.

    The Doubles Challenge will run two seasons, from September to November, and February to April. The number of weeks/matches will be dependent on the number of teams. Schedules, match dates, teams and player contact details will be provided to you under separate copy.

    All Intermediate matches are played on Mondays, and Advanced matches are played on Thursdays. If a team is unable to play on a given match date, the coordinator must be notified by email of the new match date.

    No postponement of Doubles Challenge matches will be permitted for reasons other than when the court is unfit to play due to rain or special circumstances. See rules under rain reschedule.

    Special circumstances creating a need to either play a match ahead of the schedule or to postpone a match – can be made with mutual agreement of both Doubles Teams, and be brought to the attention of the coordinator for review.

    All players play at their own risk. AWA, the AWA Tennis Section, AWA Committee members, The Doubles Challenge Coordinators or employees, their successors and assigns of said organizations, sponsors of Doubles Challenge as well as fellow players in Doubles Challenge will not be responsible in any way for any injury sustained during Doubles Challenge Tennis matches.

    Match Venue/Balls
    Matches are played at a venue and on a court surface designated by the "Home Team" as outlined in the schedule sent out by the Doubles Challenge Coordinator.
    The "Home Team" will be responsible for providing match balls.

    Match Start Time, Warm-Up, Players Late
    Players must be at the match venue no later than 8:55 a.m.
    Warm-up time is 10 minutes, starting no later than 9:00 a.m.
    Match start time should be no later than 9.10 a.m.

    Choice of ends & service ("The Toss") should be decided before the warm-up starts, so players warm up at designated ends.
    The pair who wins the toss may choose one of the following:
    -To be server OR receiver. The opponents may then choose the end of the court.
    -Choose the end of the court. The opponents may then choose to be server or receiver.
    -That the opponents make one of the above choices.

    When practicing serves, players should catch the ball and serve the ball back, rather than practice returns. This will make it easier to keep to the 10 minute warm-up allotment.

    Any player/team arriving after match start time (9.00 a.m.) will be entitled to the remaining warm up minutes on court.
    If a player/team is not ready on court to commence play 20 minutes from match start time, the first set will be forfeited.

    If a player/team is not ready to commence play 30 minutes from the match start time, without notifying the opposing team, a Walkover will be declared and the match is forfeited. The team receiving the walkover will receive three (3) points for the match.

    Score in a Game
    Score in a game: Standard game scoring shall apply. If both pairs have won three points each, the score is "Deuce". The first pair to win two consecutive points after the score of "Deuce" wins that game.

    Score in a Tie-Break
    A tie-break game is played in all sets at the game score 6-6, including the third set.
    The service in a tie-break game is served from alternate sides of the court, with the first served from the right-side (Deuce side) of the court.
    The player in turn to serve will serve the first point - from the right-side (Deuce-side) of the court.
    The opponent player, in turn to serve, will then serve the second and the third point. The second point is served from the left-side (Ad-side) of the court and the third point is served from the right-side (Deuce side) of the court.
    The players then alternate with two serves each from alternate sides of the court starting from the left-side (Ad side) of the court.
    Players shall change ends after every six (6) points.
    The first pair to win seven (7) points, with a minimum margin of two (2) points over the opponent pair, wins the tie-break game and that set. If necessary, the tie-break game shall continue until the margin of two (2) points is achieved.
    Service following tie-break game: The pair, who served the first serve in the tie-break game, shall receive service in the first game of the following set.

    Score in a Match/Doubles Challenge Scores
    All matches are played to the best of three (3) sets with standard game scoring. A tie-break game is played in all sets at the game score 6-6, including the third set.
    A Doubles team is awarded points in a match as follows: one (1) point for each set won. If a team receives a Walkover (forfeit), two points will be awarded for the match.
    Midway through the season, the Doubles Challenge Coordinator will distribute an email regarding standings and team scores.
    The winner of Doubles Challenge is decided as the Doubles Team that has won the most points at the end of the season. The team with the second most points shall be runner-up.
    If two or more teams achieve the same total point score, a count back of matches won over the season will decide the winner. If there is still a draw, a count back of sets won will decide the winner.

    Making Line Calls
    Players shall call all balls fairly and honestly, and only make line calls on their own side of the net. .
    When in doubt of a call, a player shall make the call in favor of the opponent. If partners disagree on the call, they shall call it good.
    The Let During a Service, Ball Rolls on Court
    The service is a let and the server shall serve again when:
    -The ball served touches the net, strap or band and is otherwise good; or after touching net, strap or band the ball also touches receiver or her partner before hitting the ground.
    -The Receiver is not ready.
    Any player may call a service let. The call shall be made before the return of serve goes out of play or is hit by the server or server’s partner.

    When the ball is in play and a ball from an adjacent court enters the court, any player may call a let as soon as the player becomes aware of the ball.

    A player loses the right to call a let if choosing to play the ball, thereby delaying the let call.

    When a let is called the whole point should be replayed.

    Ball rolling on court during first or second service: When the server’s service motion is interrupted either during first or second service, due to a ball rolling on court, the server is entitled to two serves.

    Ball rolling on court between first and second service: When the server is interrupted between the first and second service, due to a ball rolling on court the server is only entitled to the second service
    Match Intervals

    Play shall be continuous, from the time when the first service is put in play until the match is concluded.

    Between points – from the ball is out of play until the next serve is struck – a maximum of 20 seconds is allowed.
    After the first game of each set and during a tie-break game no interval is allowed.
    When changing ends, a one and a half-minute interval is allowed.
    After the end of set 1 a set interval of two (2) minutes is allowed.
    In the event a match requires three sets, a 10 minute break/rest period is allowed between sets two and three.

    In the event of rain players must turn up at the venue for the match, unless the Home Team has notified the opposing Doubles Team the courts are unfit to play.
    If courts are unfit to play due to rain, The Home Team must notify the Doubles Challenge Coordinator by email with a rescheduled date, as soon as possible.
    When a match day is rained out, the Doubles Challenge Tennis Schedule will continue without change. Matches should be rescheduled at player’s discretion.
    When match play has started: If play is suspended due to rain after match start, players should wait for 30 minutes, to remain available to play in the event that the rain stops. If the court remains unfit to play, teams must reschedule the match.
    Play must resume at the score standing at the time of suspension of play. Players and should record the score, server’s names, and player’s positions etc. at the time of suspension of play.

    Matches should be rescheduled to a date, within a two (2) week-period from the original match date, excluding holiday breaks.
    If a date cannot be agreed upon between teams, the teams are required to notify the Doubles Challenge Coordinator who will assist in finding a resolution.
    All rescheduled matches must be played within the announced "Last day of match play for rain delayed matches" in accordance to the relevant division schedule for the Doubles Challenge season.

    Suspension of play, due to injury sustained on court, is allowed one time per player in a match.
    The injured player or the partner shall alert the opposing pair that play needs to be suspended due to injury. Play is suspended for a period of time, not exceeding 15 minutes to allow the player to recover. A player unable to resume play after 15 minutes must forfeit the match.
    Points won by the player sustaining an injury will stand. If play is not resumed due to injury, full points in remaining games are awarded to the opposing team.

    Mobile Phones
    The use of mobile phones, are not permitted during the course of a match, whether played on private or public courts. Mobile phones should be switched off during the course of a match.
    All players have a duty to abide by the Doubles Challenge Tennis Rules and to encourage and maintain the highest standard of sportsmanship and fair play.
    In the case of a dispute between players, every attempt should be made to resolve questions and disputes amongst the players, according to the Doubles Challenge rules, and in a friendly manner.
    If questions or disputes cannot be resolved by referring to the rules, they should be directed to the Doubles Challenge Coordinator, in writing, no later than 24 hours after the match concerned.

    The first place team and second place team in each Division will receive an award at the AWA Spring Luncheon.
    All players are required to bring their own drinks for the whole match.
    AWA Doubles Challenge Coordinator:
    Terilyn Limondin