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    SSSg (Scrabble Shootout, Singapore) 2014
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  • Description

    The Singapore Scrabble Shootout (SSSg) is the first knockout Scrabble tournament in Singapore. It will take place between 21 September and 5 December 2014.

    Instead of playing against many different opponents in a group as is the case for most local Scrabble tournaments, participants will be paired off against just one other player to play a match comprising multiple games. Winners from each match will proceed to the next round to play against another match winner from the current round, and the loser will be out of the tournament.

    Matches are played at the convenience of both players over a series of games, from as few as 5 (in qualification round, if needed) to as many as 13 games in the final. All SSSg games will be rated by the Singapore Scrabble Association (SA).

    Why play in SSSg?

    1. More skill, less luck: you think your opponent got all the good tiles in that one round where he beat you? Well in SSSg your opponent is going to have to draw the good tiles many more times and beat you over multiple games to win the match. That is, if you really are better than him :)

    2. Path to glory: there’s just something different with winning your way round by round to the final victory. Or be the underdog killing some giants along the way. Want to be like Greece in Euro 2004? Michael Chang in French Open 1989? Singapore women’s table tennis team in Moscow world championship 2010? Try knocking off Singapore’s best Scrabble players round by round.

    3. Pay-as-you-play: you only pay for the matches you play in. So if you are out after the first round, you don’t need to spend as much as those who got to play more games.

    4. Flexibility: can’t play on certain days due to other obligations? No problem, you can arrange with your opponent on a mutually suitable time and place, and you’re off.

  • Period

    Start: 21/9/2014
    End: 5/12/2014
  • Venues

    Players will discuss with their opponent for the round a time and place which are convenient to both of them, within the tournament schedule time frame. The projected time frame can be found in the flyer in the Rules section.

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  • Rules

    For more details, please read the flyer at

  • Inscriptions

    At the close of registration, 15 people have signed up. Based on this number, the prizes will be:

    Winner: $100
    Runner-up: $75
    Ratings Prize: $30

    Any remaining fund will be contributed to SA.

  • Administrator

    1on1 Words1on1 Words
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    Singapore, None, Singapore
  • Contacts

    For any inquiry please contact Ricky Purnomo at sonicrick78 (at) .

    For registration please make payment of $8 to Ricky Purnomo at

    A/C number: 116185938
    Bank: POSB
    Bank Route Code (if needed): 7171-081

    and then submit your registration through

    If after pairing is out it turns out that you will play in the qualifying round, I will arrange for a $3 refund to you, or you can opt to donate it to SA.

    Registration closes on 12 September 2014.