Chi riuscirà a togliere a Tosto la supremazia del ranking "Tennisti da strapazzo"?
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Start: 5/9/2016
End: 20/12/2016

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    Tournament winner:

    Vultaggio Michele

    Fase finale

    Third place
    Milazzo Vincenzo Tosto Cristoforo
      1–6, 3–6
    Vultaggio Michele Guarnotta Alessandro
      6–1, 6–3

      Competition setup

    • Number of participants 12
    • Competitors type Single participants
    • System Groups + playoff
    • Group stage

    • N. of groups 1
    • Round robin type Single round-robin
    • N° of sets per match best of 3
    • Points for W=3, D=1, L=0
      TW*=2, TL*=1
    • Final stage

    • Qualified competitors 12
    • n° of sets n° of matches
      First round best of 3 single-leg tie
      Quarter-finals best of 3 single-leg tie
      Semi-finals best of 3 single-leg tie
      Final best of 3 single-leg tie
    *TW = Tiebreaker win, *TL = Tiebreaker loss