Konkuri Shutting Down End of February 2022

Dear Konkuri Community,

We’ll be closing down Konkuri website at the end of February 2022. We're very sorry to have to shut down the service, but we have been focusing on a different project for some time now, and Konkuri requires excessive maintenance costs.

From now onwards, it won't be possible to create new tournaments on Konkuri. All tournaments will continue to be accessible up to the end of February 2022. If you have unused credits bought in 2021, please reach out at, and we will refund you.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us and apologize to our members. Konkuri has indeed been a labor of love, and we're heartbroken not to continue on.

We want to wish you all well with your endeavors. We've loved being a part of your journey and we wish you all the best.

Thank you very much for being part of the Konkuri community.