About us


Founded in September 2009, Konkuri is a project conceived and developed by Koinema, a web agency based in Bologna, Italy.

The idea came from a personal need: we wanted to organize a tournament among friends and share the results online. That's how Konkuri was born: to make competitions easy to manage, more exciting and visible!

Since then, Konkuri is used by thousands of happy users all over the world to manage tournaments and leagues of any sport or game.

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Totally committed

Our goal is to make your competitions become great events. When it succeeds, that's our best reward.

Great customer service

We like to have conversations with our users. That's why we respond quickly to your issues and do our best to understand your needs.

The team

Matteo got the idea, Andrea designed it, Federico, Gabriele and Stefan make things happen for real.

Self funded

We've built Konkuri entirely with our savings. That's why we can focus our efforts exclusively on product quality.

What does the name Konkuri mean?

The name comes from Esperanto and it means "to compete", which seems to us a perfect synthesis of our project. First of all, because competition in sports and games means... tournaments! Second, because the Esperanto philosophy is to create a flexible and universal language, like we want our application to be.

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