The simplest way to manage your leagues
and share the results online


    Your tournament literally on a silver plate

    Konkuri is a web application for tournament and league management. Imagine a basketball league: how do you create the schedule and share the results with the participants? Konkuri is a very simple tool to do so.


    For sport organizations, tennis centers, videogamers...

    ...or just a group of friends. Konkuri will support a huge number of sports and games and a variety of tournament systems (round-robin, brackets, groups + playoffs).


    Communicate and archive results effectively

    Paper notes or even pdf files are so hard to organize, share and archive. Forget all that! With Konkuri your competitions results will be communicated in real time to participants and archived permanently.

A few of our happy customers

  • Spotify
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • LetsBonus
    Barcelona, Spain
    Table football
  • Aztecs Sports
    Brisbane, Australia
  • UISP
    Bologna, Italy
  • All Star Sports Marketing
    Dominican Republic
  • Adobe
    Table tennis
  • Movie Pilot
    Berlin, Germany
  • BDJ Sports
    Valencia, Spain
  • Atmálaga
    Málaga, Spain
  • Sepak Takraw Club Schweiz
    Basel, Switzerland
    Sepak Takraw
  • FIT Paddle Federation
    Paddle tennis
  • KW Racquet Club
    Kitchener, Canada

Recent buzz

la organización de los torneos, era totalmente a mano, papelitos, pizarra... pero hemos descubierto un site increible @konkuri

globalnetsports, @globalnetsports

It caters for tournament organizers of all kinds, from amateur competitions to online matches between friends.


Konkuri is an application that makes the setting up a sports tournament just as fun as playing in one

Stephanie Miles, AppVita

The customisable content makes it incredibly easy to run the competition the way that I want to. Konkuri conforms to my ways, not the other way around.

Sports enthusiast and sports manager would love this new site which is named as Konkuri.


Pretty interface and very simple to use. I see this coming in handy for some FIFA tourneys…

Matt Clark, Half Broke Hotel

Konkuri has a lot of features that are designed to make it not only easy to set up, but easy for people following or playing in your tournament to use.

Jay Hathaway, Download Squad

Konkuri is an awesome Tournament app, we needed this for streetball back in the day!

Skivvi Web Design, @skivvi

Konkuri is a great site and extremely useful if you’re into sports leagues.

Craig Agranoff,

This is an app that really fills a real need. Huge potential, at least in Sweden!

Hannes Helander, @hanneshelander

This is truly an outstanding tournament management program, that I recommend being one of the best in the world!

Ajaan Rob Hatfield, English Technology Review

O Konkuri é uma ferramenta interessante que lhe permite gerar torneios desportivos de forma simples e rápida.

If you want to organize a tournament with your friends and share all the results online this will be simple and elegant way to accomplish that goal

@konkuri We thank you for your hospitality on your wonderful site! Keep up the good work!

Kanaris Bounas, @KanarisB

If you plan to have organize tournaments in your neighborhood, with kids or even online games, Konkuri is the tool you should use.

Maximillion, Lehsys Blogger News

The real beauty of Konkuri is that when you register for a free account, all your tournaments are permanently saved to the database to view for posterity.

Strider Hoang, CSULB Gaming